Marlborough Hunt Club


Guest Hunting -  Throughout the season, Marlborough Hunt Club welcomes guests and prospective members to participate in it’s calendar of cubbing and formal hunt fixtures or meets. A hunting guest must be invited and accompanied by a MHC Member or Staff, and should be introduced to the Masters prior to the beginning of the hunt. The MHC member should also introduce the guest to the Field Secretary and pay the appropriate cap fee. It is appreciated if this is done well before the Field Secretary is mounted and ready to move off.

Junior Hunt Day - The first Sunday of every month and is free for Juniors, accompanied by an adult. The Junior should contact one of the Joint Masters of Fox Hounds (Contact The Masters) by the preceding Wednesday to inform them of their intentions. Each Junior should check in at the meet with the MFH leading the Field they wish to join, along with the Member or Staff that they are accompanying.

It is required by the MHC constitution that a capping fee shall be paid by a Member for each hunting guest. The same guest is limited to three hunts during the season. The capping fee is $100 on weekends, holidays and weekdays. The capping fee for Juniors is one-half that amount at the discretion of the Masters. Member should make payment of the cap fee to one of the Field Secretaries.

Proper fox hunting attire is required. See Fox Hunting Protocol for more information. All participants must sign a Release.